Has this package
been dropped?

Without visible damage you don't
know if your package has been
dropped - until now!
ShockWatch® 2 Drop Detectors provide indisputable evidence that your package has been dropped or thrown by the handlers. The item was fine when you shipped it. When it arrived, it was broken. You wonder... why is it damaged? Was it tossed onto the recipient's porch? Maybe it fell off a conveyor belt at a shipping hub. Or, maybe a surprise speed bump provided the impact that caused the damage.
The orange detector is designed for packages with a weight of up to 50 pounds. It is most sharply tuned to register all magnitudes of impact at elevations of 2 to 3 feet.
Drop Detectors by ShockWatch provide indisputable evidence of rough handling. These inexpensive monitors show when packages are dropped or experience other impacts beyond a threshold. That’s important because it helps determine who’s at fault if your carefully-packed items are damaged.
Drop Detectors by ShockWatch are easy to use and easy to read. Pack your items, seal the box and stick a Drop Detector on the outside. That’s all there is to it.
If the Drop Detector window turns red, the person receiving the box will know it experienced a strong impact and should be inspected carefully for damage. It’s tamperproof, too. And with a Drop Detector, maybe the shipper will be a little more careful.
ShockWatch impact detectors are trusted by leading companies in the electronics, aerospace and medical equipment industries to protect their sensitive products. They can protect your shipment, too.

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